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CID courses to watch for in 2016

BYU offers dozens of valuable courses on Creativity, Innovation, or Design. Looking to spice up your schedule?  Here are some suggested CID courses for 2016.

Tech312: Innovation Boot Camp (Spring, Fall, Winter). This one credit course occurs regularly throughout the year, and is a one week-long introduction to design thinking in interdisciplinary groups.

Student Films Hit the Big Screen

man filming

The Final Cut Film Festival brings students’ culmination of creative efforts to the big screen.

Social Proof: Rethinking Student Research

For many students, social media tends to undermine academic research rather than support it—after all, what student in the throes of paper writing hasn’t grasped for momentary solace in Facebook, Instagram, or the latest Studio C comedy sketch video?

But what if social media could actually help ... Read More

Establishing Communities of Innovation through the Innovative Normative Culture Model

By Casey Wright

Instructional Psychology and Technology

The Sociology of Innovation

The word ‘innovation’ usually conjures up images of high-tech labs and whizzing machines with brilliant scientists creating the visions on the future. However, innovation encompasses so much more than just the flashy inventions that come out in the end. 

Eric Dahlin, a professor at Brigham Young University, spends his time studying the sociology of innovation. 

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Communities of Innovation

In our Video Abstract Series, we talk with BYU faculty members who have interesting projects, classes, or research focused on creativity, innovation, design thinking, or interdisciplinary collaboration.

In our first Video Abstract, we talk with Dr. Rick West, Assistant Professor of Instructional Psychology and Technology.  In this video, Dr. West talks about the framework he developed for communities of innovation.  In this framework,... Read More

Laycock Center Creates Virtual BYU Tour

Collaborative team creates virtual Byu tour

Recently, an interdisciplinary team from BYU’s Laycock Center for Creative Collaboration finished creating a virtual tour of BYU campus.  The project involved Jeff Sheets and Derek Hansen, two members of the Creativity, Innovation, and Design Group.  You can check out the virtual tour by visiting Read More

New Book: "The Innovator’s Method: Bringing the Lean Start-Up Into Your Organization"

So you’ve got a great idea–how do you know if it will work? 

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Students Get the Word Out on Fundacion Paraguaya

Students Get the Word Out on Fundacion Paraguaya

Tucked away on the fourth floor of the Harold B. Lee Library, a unique group of students is hard at work on a project that could potentially affect the way hundreds of charitable organizations help the poor all around the world. The students’ goal is to tell the story of a new and exciting social innovation that can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of lifting people out of poverty.

The class is part of a... Read More

DropThought: Feedback on College Courses Right Here, Right Now


Ever been told by a professor in a class to “hold that thought”? Well, Michael Atkisson, a graduate student in Instructional Psychology and Technology at BYU, would say to drop it. 

DropThought is a two-way instant feedback system that allows students to give instructors anonymous, real-time feedback on their learning. With the DropThought mobile app or LMS widget, students leave feedback... Read More