Designing a Culture of Innovation by Jed Morley

Jed Morley, a BYU alumnus provided insight on why and how we should create a culture of innovation. Jed opened by re-framing the idea of test driving a Tesla electrical car in terms of what we could learn from the experience. He advocated for us to experience innovation more deliberately. Through such experiences, Jed underscored, we will grow our confidence in being an innovator, which can be as simple as sharing our gifts and talents in innovative ways. By doing this we can create a culture of innovation in our lives and in our organizations. Jed also explained the importance in why we should innovate and the principles and practices of innovation of innovation by giving many compelling examples.  He concluded with an invitation to innovate out of a sense of joy that can come from harvesting our talents and using them to create value.

You can find the video of the presentation below