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Obedience, Creation, and Freedom (Dr. George S. Tate)

Pursuing its mission to inspire the BYU community to life-long innovation, the Creativity, Innovation, and Design group selects and highlights compelling BYU speeches on creativity, innovation, design, invention, and entrepreneurship.

Enjoy Dr. Tate’s speech “Obedience, Creation, and Freedom“ delivered on July 25, 1995.


13 Ideas to Increase Your Creativity & Innovation

Do you want to be more creative?  Do you want to see more of your innovative ideas take flight?  Do you see an opportunity to solve a significant problem or tackle an issue that has not been resolved satisfactorily?  Do you find your imagination sparked and you want that fanned into a lively flame?  Are you one who wants to solve pressing social problems, build something that matters to other people, accomplish a wildly audacious goal, inspire others, or make the world a better place?

What do innovation experts say?

CID Lecture: Improv as an Imperative for Innovation and Creativity

Join us on Thurdsay, November 17, 11:00 am - noon in the BYU Library Auditorium (HBLL

Why Design Simultaneously Unites and Divides Us

On September 22, 2016, Dr. Chris Mattson of BYU’s Mechancial Engineering Department delivered the inaugral lecture of the Creativity, Innovation, and Design (CID) lecture series, “Why Design Simultaneously Unites and Divides Us.” See the whole video on the CID YouTube page

5 Innovative Ways to Become Indispensable at Work

What must you do to “become indispensable at work by bringing in more money than you cost”?  Here are 5 ways to be star:

Behavior 1: Regularly propose cost-cutting ideas that work.

Behavior 2: Regularly propose revenue-producing ideas that work.

Behavior 3: Streamline company processes to save time and money.

Behavior 4: Improve personal productivity by increasing work quantity and quality.

Behavior 5: Propose and/or implement procedures to improve the cash flow of the company.