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5 Lessons in Innovation from TEDxBYU

There’s nothing like a custom event lanyard to make you feel official. Thus, with my official TEDxBYU lanyard, sitting in the Covey Center auditorium for the official TEDxBYU event, I was feeling, well, official. 

Until doubts started to creep in. 

I want to change the world someday. How? I don’t know yet, exactly. But sitting there surrounded by bright BYU students and reading the accolades of those on the program, I began to feel a bit small in... Read More

Dancer Kat Ledbetter
DancEnsemble: Exploring the Process of Creation

Ideas, occasional setbacks, happy accidents, and strokes of inspiration are all part of the creative process for DancEnsemble, BYU’s student-choreographed contemporary dance group. Multiple student choreographers showcased the end results in a stunning show on March 13-14, 2015.

Contemporary dance has always placed high importance on individuality, and the dancEnsemble show reflected that emphasis. Choreographers drew their inspiration from themes ranging from Plato’s Cave to football announcers to body image, exploring their themes through dynamic art that was unique... Read More, CC license
Find Your Course of Action: 2015 Innovation Courses

Need to spice up your schedule for spring or fall? Looking for a not-boring class to fill that last GE credit? Want to take a class in something innovative or creative that you have never been able to do before? 

You’ve come to the right place. 

We have an entire page on our site dedicated to listing any and all classes that have anything to do with creativity, innovation, and design on campus. These are just a few of the exciting courses coming up spring and fall of 2015.

Program Spotlight: Be A Philanthropist

Do you lack the funds to turn your innovative, charitable, and creative ideas into reality? We can help! The Be a Philanthropist initiative is offering offering $300 micro grants to qualifying applicants. This initiative is a part of Grantwell, the student-run, faculty-advised nonprofit consulting program here at BYU. If your proposal is accepted, you will be notified within one week so you can start making a difference now. Proposals are being accepted and began the review process on January 20th, and they will continue to be reviewed and grants given until funds are gone.

Structure: A Barrier to Creativity

By Ethan Parry

Structure can be either a good thing, or a bad thing, depending on how you look at it. Structure can provide individuals with a sense of order, or, can be seen as something that is restrictive. Karin Hibma, one of the co-founders of successful design firm CRONAN, believes that creativity can actually be created. In this article, Hibma talks about how important it is to get her clients out of their normal routine.