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Student Stories of Innovation: Belinda

Though she is an advertising major and art minor at BYU, Belinda has poured a lot of her energy into a group project developing a new alternate reality game. The game is called Dust and is being designed to encourage women and minorities to get more involved with science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Belinda really enjoyed the collaboration experience and learning from students across the campus that she wouldn’t have met otherwise.

What has been the most important lesson for Belinda as she... Read More

Alumni Spotlight: Jed Morley, Jump Associates

Strategy. Ambiguity. Creativity. These elements blend seamlessly in the unique services of Jump Associates, a strategy firm that combines the analytical rigor of management consulting firms, like McKinsey, and the creativity of design firms, like IDEO, to create new businesses for their clients. The Creativity, Innovation, and Design team caught up with Jed Morley, BYU alum and vice president of strategy at Jump Associates, to get a glimpse into his world and what he’s learned from working for companies like Jump and IDEO.

Presenter with Improved Helmet
Student Innovator of the Year 2014

Every year students compete for the coveted title of Student Innovator of the Year on BYU campus. It is a great place to share your ideas, get validation and feedback, and take your business to the next level. 

Check out the video from this year’s competition!


What's the Big Idea? BYU's Big Idea Pitch 2014

200 votes. 90 seconds. One big idea. This was the setting for one of the main events for BYU’s Entrepreneurship Week, The Big Idea Pitch, that took place in October. With those 90 seconds, students had the opportunity to present their next business idea to a room full of their peers. Depending on the quality of the presentation and idea, the audience gave the idea a score via iClickers on a scale from one to ten, ten being the highest.

A huge array of ideas were presented, from a more efficient fire alarm to a hip new take on fanny packs. In order to be selected to... Read More

It’s About Time We Break The Rules

By Ethan Parry

When we are young, we learn basic rules. These rules govern the way we interact with art, music, technology, and just about every other facet of life. We are told to color within the lines, play certain notes together and that all smartphones need to be sleek with smoothed edges. Even design thinking seems to require individuals to go through established acronyms and steps. 

I came across an article featured on last month called, “Why Getting It... Read More