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Creativity: Will You Try?

What does it mean to be creative? Kyle has been a tinkerer for as long as he can remember, but he didn’t always consider himself as “creative.” As he gained more understanding, he realized that creativity has less to do with inherent abilities and a lot more to do with your attitude and how you approach problems. Are you willing to face-plant? To Try? A creative person is one who is brave enough to use his or her unique set of skills and abilities to solve problems and create solutions.

In addition to his own gaming projects (including a developing game on Hamlet and Dante’s Inferno... Read More

Groundhogs and Valentines: Freshman Creativity at BYU

By Taylor Halverson

As a freshman, I learned some important principles of creativity and innovation while planning an unlikely-themed midwinter dance.

When I was an undergraduate at BYU, I served as the John Hall President, a dorm in the Helaman Halls student housing complex (and in case anyone is wondering, it was a guy’s dorm back then). The Helaman Halls leadership committee, which consisted of all of the dorm presidents, worked to establish activities and opportunities for students that would be... Read More

Why Are BYU Animation Students So Creative?

I recently finished my undergraduate degree in media arts (film) from BYU, and one of the most fulfilling experiences I had as an undergrad was working as a research assistant on a project related to a teaching style called Problem Based Learning, the nature of group creativity, and the Center for Animation here at BYU.

When I came onto the project most of the data had already been collected, but there hadn’t been much analysis. Nearly 100 hours of class time and student interaction from students working on... Read More