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Michael Johnson

Michael C. Johnson is a Teaching & Learning Consultant at BYU’s Center for Teaching & Learning. He’s worked in education and training for more than 20 years and in the field of instructional design for over 15 years. He has taught courses in Spanish, Educational Psychology, Instructional Design, and Instructional Technology. He earned a PhD in Instructional Psychology & Technology from BYU and a MS In Instructional Technology from Utah State. 

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Rob Allen

Rob Allen is an Art Director for BYU’s Center for Teaching and Learning. For over 20 years he has created unique ways to facilitate learning with graphics and animation. Rob also teaches animation students to bring characters and scenes to life as an adjunct professor for the computer science department. 

CSANM 150 Introduction to 3D Graphics

CSANM 350 Character Animation in 3D

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Richard Swan

Richard Swan is a teaching and learning consultant for the Center for Teaching & Learning at Brigham Young University. Richard has been at BYU for fifteen years. During that time he also worked as an instructional designer and has been involved in the development of multimedia titles for BYU faculty members that are now published commercially. These include PostOperative Care and the five-volume Encyclopedia of Nursing Skills, prepared for Sandra Mangum (College of Nursing) and published by Concept Media; PetroGlyph, prepared for Eric Christiansen (Geology) and published by Blackwell Science; and the Virtual ChemLab series, prepared for Brian Woodfield (Chemistry and Biochemistry) and published by both the higher-education and high school divisions of Prentice-Hall. Richard received a BA in Film Studies from the University of Utah in 1988 and both an MS in Instructional Science and PhD in Instructional Psychology and Technology from Brigham Young University.

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Taylor Halverson

Taylor Halverson focuses his teaching, research, and professional work on helping others become lifelong learners. Being creative and innovative are core skills and attributes of lifelong learners. Taylor works full-time at the Center for Teaching and Learning helping others to be excellent teachers. He also serves as acting associate director at the Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology helping students and faculty discover and solve business problems. Taylor is the founder and co-chair of the BYU Creativity, Innovation, and Design group.

Education: BA in Ancient Near Eastern Studies, MA in Biblical Studies, MS in Instructional Systems Technology, PhD in Judaism and Christianity in Antiquity, PhD in Instructional Systems Technology.

Taylor's teaching, research, and professional work spans a variety of fields: (1) Innovation, design, and creativity, including entrepreneurship; (2) Educational and learning technologies, including technology integration with teaching and learning; (3) Accessibility and applicability of the scriptures and scripture scholarship, including visualizations.

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