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Oxford Seminar on Social Innovation, Responsible Entrepreneurship, and Leadership

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This seminar, open to all majors, is a sharply focused, two-week experience sponsored by BYU Undergraduate Education. Classes will be held at the Oxford University Saïd Business School. Students will learn the skills, theory, and practice of social innovation, responsible entrepreneurship, and ethical leadership. This seminar aims to foster creative problem-solving so that BYU students will develop the tools to be able to address some of our most pressing social, economic, and environmental challenges. Moreover, the seminar seeks to inculcate attitudes of innovation, cooperation, and a desire to serve and give back to local, national, and global communities in which they live. When students return to BYU they will be better prepared to apply to national scholarships and fellowships that will help to provide further training, resources, and professional networks for their ideas in social innovation and entrepreneurship.

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