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Marc Hansen

I am from Vancouver Island (Victoria) in BC, Canada, attended BYU from 1991 to 1997 with a mission in Marseille, France during that time. After a BS in Molecular Biology from BYU, I earned a PhD in Cancer Research from Stanford and completed a post-doc at Huntsman Cancer Institute.

I teach introductory biology for majors (PDBIO120) and have taught Cell Biology (PDBIO360) and Histology (PDBIO325) in the past. Outside of molecular and cell biology, I am interested in teaching BIO-innovation courses. These courses address how technologies and ideas rooted in the life sciences become new companies that create prosperity and jobs.

I came to BYU seeking to understand how individual epithelial cells detach from tissues, a process called epithelial-mesenchymal transition that occurs throughout development and that is recapitulated in cancer metastasis. After over 10 years of dissecting this process, serendipity led us to discover a novel small molecule drug that may soon enter clinical trials. Having developed a passion for drug discovery, we now work to develop new small molecule therapeutics for human diseases that have poor current treatment options.