Ben Crabtree

As a full-time UX designer for the BYU Library, Ben has been working on designing and developing a scheduling system web app for students, subject librarians, and administrators that will allow subject librarians to schedule large numbers of students for library instruction taking place outside of student class time. This has involved gathering requirements from students, subject librarians, and administrators, to ensure that each of their unique needs and pains were addressed from the beginning of the design process, and throughout the process until the time of implementation. Through an iterative prototype, test, feedback loop—based in human-centered design—we’ve been able to successfully design and develop the application to meet the needs of each of the three user groups. Moving forward, he will be working to redesign and develop a new floormaps web app for the library website to make it easier to find and access resources within the library. This will involve gathering requirements for the new new application both from stakeholders and patrons of the library, gathering data regarding the current usage of the current floormaps application, prototyping new interfaces/interactions/user flows based on the gathered data and requirements, and iteratively testing these prototypes with patrons in succession from low fidelity wireframes to high fidelity mockups and then interactive prototypes.