Bryan Howell

Bryan Howell has a thirst for learning and a curiosity of the world that has enabled him to become fluent in multiple design careers and live on four continents. He has worked at the highest level of product design consulting with Frog Design primarily servicing start-ups like NeXT Computer where he worked directly with Steve Jobs. He enjoyed a remarkable corporate career at Dell Computer as a design manager and their first industrial design director. At Dell, he was responsible for managing numerous projects with the world’s leading design consultants including IDEO, Ammunition, and Seymour Powell. Following Dell, he successfully grew his own design consultancy, Pure Design Labs, providing product and communication design for clients in Asia and North America. Currently he shares his experiences with students as a full-time educator at Brigham Young University. He teaches visual literacy, experience design, design history, and runs the corporate sponsored design studio, the student’s first semester long product development project. He publishes and speaks internationally on intellectual property, sensory perception and design education methods. He spent the 2013-14 school year as a guest researcher at the Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands, arguably the world’s leading design research institute, developing new skills, insights and contacts in emerging design fields. He has the distinction of placing hundreds of products in the global market, has been recognized with 10 international design awards, 3 mentored student design awards and is named on 31 patents. He has worked as an expert witness for Apple computer and as a recruiter for emerging corporate design departments. Academically, he is on the leadership board for both the Engineering & Product Design Education special interest group and conference, and the North American Design Society. He publishes and presents yearly at international design venues, has exhibited 10 product designs and has co-authored numerous peer-reviewed publications and product designs with students. Bryan’s multi-faceted experiences are indicative of his role as a thought leader in both industry and academia. He has a zeal for design and is always looking forward to his next adventure.
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