Seth Holladay


Seth studied Animation and Computer Science in college, then jumped directly into an internship at Pixar Animation Studios. He spent over three years at Pixar, where his principle role was as an Effects Technical Director, creating environmental effects (dust, water, explosions, etc.) for Ratatouille, WALL-E, and Up.  Now he is teaching 3-D animation art classes, running a student game production project under the Center for Animation, and doing research in physical dynamics simulations for film and games.

Professor Holladay mentors students yearly on film and game projects. The most recent films produced are “Rams Horn” (Student Emmy recipient) and “Papa” (BAFTA Finalist).  The most recent games have been “Relic Hunter” (E3 College Competition Finalist) and “Vanguards” (published on Steam).

You can view these at “See Our Short Films” and “Play Our Games” links at

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