Getting Involved for Students

Looking to expand your horizons and apply your knowledge and skills in ways you never have before? Want to cultivate a mindset of innovation and participate in real-world projects that will make a positive impact and give you the kind of experience that employers are looking for? You’ve come to the right place! Start with these suggestions:

  • Take a class. We’ve pulled together a list of the courses on creativity, innovation, and design being taught currently at BYU. Find one that suits your fancy on our Classes page.
  • Join a club. What better way to get involved than by meeting with like-minded people who share your passions? Check out which clubs are meeting this week here.
  • Go to an event. Events that involve innovation and design happen regularly on BYU campus. See what’s coming up soon with our calendar.
  • Contact one of the Innovation Labs. These centers span multiple disciplines and are an excellent resource for students who want to get involved in innovative activities. 
  • Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates on what innovation is happening at BYU and beyond.

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