Innovation Labs

Want to know where the real magic is happening and the creative sparks fly? These labs are some of the innovation hubs at BYU. These labs, centered in multiple locations and disciplines on campus, bring together students, faculty, and members of local and global communities to do everything from developing business and product ideas to looking at new ways to solve prevalent social problems.

Animation Studio

The College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences has provided students with their very own animation studio! Here, students can collaborate among themselves and those coming from other colleges such as the fine arts, computer science, etc…


Computer Science Collaboration Lab

The Computer Science department has a lab that includes several moving whiteboards and handheld whiteboards that can be used to share and propose ideas among other individuals. The tables are on wheels so that they can easily be moved to where you want them. In the lab, there is also a large flat-screen TV and a 3D printer available to use. This lab is open to 300-level and above CS majors. 

Innovation Lab by The School of Technology

The School of Technology has its own “Innovation Lab” in 145 CTB which consists of a large room (maximum capacity of 49 people) with movable tables and chairs. Also included are white boards and a projector. It’s used for some classes and clubs, but is open the majority of the time. The School of Technology runs the room, but it is open to requests from other departments. However, first priority is always given to activities that are related to innovation or have a connection to the School of Technology. The room is locked and requires key-swipe access.

Ballard Center for Interns and Collaboration

Found in TNRB 360, the Ballard Center is equipped with white boards, dry-erase markers, tables, and even a few nerf guns for students who need to relieve some stress. All of the equimpment is on wheels and can be easily rearranged to best suit your needs while meeting there. This area is largely used by students participating in internships around campus, but is open to any student who needs space to collaborate with others. 


Venture Factory (School of Technology/College of Engineering)

Venture Factory is a student organization hosted by the Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology focused on product development and entrepreneurship.  Venture factory promotes student innovation by sponsoring the annual Student Innovator of the Year competition and by holding monthly Ideathons.

Humanities Center

The BYU Humanities Center promotes innovative scholarship and teaching in areas pertaining to the language, literature, thought, culture, and the history of human conversation.  The Humanities Center sponsors and organizes lectures, workshops, research groups, and other gatherings and opportunities for BYU faculty, students, and community members.

Laycock Center for Creative Collaboration

The Laycock Center is dedicated to creative collaboration and mentoring within BYU's College of Fine Arts and Communication. The center funds creative projects that use collaborative process to create a meaningful impact in the public.

Rollins Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology

The Rollins Center is dedicated to providing a supportive, nurturing environment to students who are capable of growing technological and scalable ventures. The center sponsors various courses, lecture series, competitions, and other activities that sustain the entrepreneurial spirit in students. (adapted from Rollins Center website)

Ballard Center for Economic Self-Reliance

The Ballard Center brings students, faculty, and practitioners together to create social innovations. Social innovations are new and original ways of addressing social problems. Students and faculty engage in projects exploring social entrepreneurship, impact investing, corporate social innovation, and high-impact non-profits (adapted from Ballard Center website)