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We’re excited for the new year and new semester - there are a lot of innovative projects, classes, and research going on at BYU!

Check out our Classes Page to find creative classes in your major! Here are some highlights from last year. Starting January 2015, we will be sending monthly newsletters with highlights from our website.

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Structure: A Barrier to Creativity

By Ethan Parry

Structure can be either a good thing, or a bad thing, depending on how you look at it. Structure can provide individuals with a sense of order, or, can be seen as something that is restrictive. Karin Hibma, one of the co-founders of successful design firm CRONAN, believes that creativity can actually be created. In this article, Hibma talks about how important it is to get her clients out of their normal routine.

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Communities of Innovation

Dr. West shares his Communities of Innovation Framework
In our Video Abstract Series, we talk with BYU faculty members who have interesting projects, classes, or research focused on creativity, innovation, design thinking, or interdisciplinary collaboration. In our first Video Abstract, we talk with Dr. Rick West, Assistant Professor of Instructional Psychology and Technology.  In this video, Dr. West talks about the framework he developed for communities of innovation.  In this framework, Dr. West identifies both individual and organization level characteristics that help spur innovation within a community.  An update to his framework will be published later in this year in TechTrends. To read Dr. West's 2009 paper on Communities of Innovation, visit: http://www.academia.edu/2538081/What_is_shared_A_framework_for_studying_communities_of_innovation

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