BYU Final Cut Film Festival

Student Films Hit the Big Screen

The smell of popcorn wafts through the Wilkinson Center this week, signaling the approach of the weekend student filmmakers have been waiting for: BYU’s Final Cut Film Festival. The annual event aims to showcase the work of as many students as possible, with screenings each night of the both the A and B programs. Final Cut is open to all BYU students and highlights everything from documentaries to drama to animation. Most run under fifteen minutes apiece, and are grouped into programs of approximately 75 minutes each.

In addition to providing entertainment to viewers, the festival provides an important part of the learning process for aspiring filmmakers. Jeff Parkin, associate teaching professor in the Theater and Media Arts Department, remarked, “Often, for students, a public screening is one of the most important parts of the learning experience. That’s because when the film is in front of an audience and you can’t explain what you meant to do, then and only then, do you realize that those certain special elements of your film that you thought were so clear are not!” However, the flip side holds true as well: “Movies are meant to be a communal bonding experience; there’s nothing like hearing and seeing an audience respond to your film in the way you wanted when you first conceived of it.”

Those who come to the festival with an appetite for variety, honesty, and artistry won’t be disappointed. Tickets are $5 for the public and $4 for students.

In conjunction with the film festival, Lovestruck! a musical film and a collaboration between multiple BYU departments, premeires Thursday, April 9th in the Pardoe Theatre in the HFAC promptly at 7:00 pm (viewers must be in their seats by 6:50). There is also a screening on Saturday, April 11th at 3:30 pm, also in the Pardoe Theatre. Admission is free to both screenings.

Final Cut Film Festival details:

Photo courtesy of Niek Verlaan on Pixabay