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"Innovative breakthroughs happen at the intersection of diverse disciplines and fields"

- Jeff Dyer, The Innovator’s DNA


The BYU Creativity, Innovation, and Design Group is an interdisciplinary collection of faculty and students from Brigham Young University, collaborating with industry and leaders to promote the teaching, research, and development of innovation and design at BYU.

There is a critical need to teach and foster basic creative thinking among today’s students, but of particular importance is the need to develop abilities to engage in interdisciplinary collaborative innovation. This is because the problems graduates will face are typically too large to be solved as individuals. For this reason, collaboration among different disciplines is becoming the norm in many industries.

In addition, the ability to be innovative provides perhaps the greatest opportunity to serve one’s family, community, and world by creating products, services, and ideas that can answer the world’s most challenging problems.

In 2012, a group of faculty at Brigham Young University created the Creativity, Innovation, and Design (CID) group through sponsorship from the Faculty Advisement Center. This group meets once a month to share ideas, discuss research partnerships, and explore opportunities for promoting creativity, innovation, and design on campus. From this faculty group has come collaborative research, opening of courses to students from other majors, better communication of lectures and opportunities related to CID, and this website that will serve as a hub for communicating to students and community partners about the impressive creativity, innovation, and design related activities and resources at BYU.

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