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Collaborative spaces and innovation labs where ideas come to life

"In order to be creative, you have to know how to prepare to be creative."

-Twyla Tharp, The Creative Habit


CID spaces are equipped with the resources you need to get thinking and make your ideas a reality in every sector from computer science to social innovation. These labs and spaces are spread throughout campus and designed to bring students, faculty, and professionals together to enhance the creative process. Check out some of our many spaces below and click the links for more information.

Animation Studio
Ballard Center for Social Impact
CID Classroom
Computer Science Collaboration Lab
Humanities Center
Innovation Lab
Laycock Center for Creative Collaboration
Rollins Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology
Venture Factory Maker Space
animation students
Photo by Rebekah Baker

BYU animation facilities can be found in the Talmage and Harris Fine Arts buildings.
College/dept: College of Physical and Mathematical sciences, College of Fine Arts and Communication
Locations: Multiple

marriott students
Photo by Gabriel Mayberry/BYU

The Ballard Center brings students, faculty, and practitioners together to create social innovations. Social innovations are new and original ways of addressing social problems. Students and faculty engage in projects exploring social entrepreneurship, impact investing, corporate social innovation, and high-impact non-profits. Adapted from

College/dept: Marriott School of Business
Location: 360 TNRB

CID 4.jpg

This space in the Harold B. Lee Library is all about collaboration, creativity, and interdisciplinary teaching and learning. There’s a large space for the whole class to meet as one group, typically for whole-group discussions or learning new content or skills, as well as smaller rooms where students can meet in teams or small groups to work on individual parts of the class project.

College/dept: CID Group (interdisciplinary)
Location: 4th Floor HBLL

computer lab
Photo by Mark A. Philbrick/BYU

The Computer Science department has a lab with several moving tables and whiteboards for drafting and sharing ideas. There is also a large flat-screen TV and 3D printer available to use. This lab is open to 300-level and above CS majors.

College/dept: College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Location: Talmage Building

Photo by Savanna Sorensen/BYU

The BYU Humanities Center promotes innovative scholarship and teaching in areas pertaining to the language, literature, thought, culture, and the history of human conversation. The Humanities Center sponsors and organizes lectures, workshops, research groups, and other gatherings and opportunities for BYU faculty, students, and community members.

College/dept: College of Humanities
Location: 1141 JFSB

VR screen
Photo by Jaren Wilkey/BYU

The School of Technology's Innovation Lab is outfitted with movable chairs, tables, white boards, and a projector. It’s used for some classes and clubs, but is open the majority of the time. The School of Technology runs the room, but it is open to requests from other departments.

College/dept: College of Engineering
Location: 145 CTB

1905-84 06388.JPG
Photo by Jaren Wilkey/BYU

The Laycock Center is dedicated to creative collaboration and mentoring within BYU's College of Fine Arts and Communication. The center funds creative projects that use collaborative process to create a meaningful impact in the public.

College/dept: College of Fine Arts and Communications

rollins center event
Photo by Claire Gentry/BYU

The Rollins Center is dedicated to providing a supportive, nurturing environment to students who are capable of growing technological and scalable ventures. The center sponsors various courses, lecture series, competitions, and other activities that sustain the entrepreneurial spirit in students. Adapted from

College/dept: Marriott School of Business
Location: 470 TNRB

maker space
Photo by Nate Edwards

This space contains all the tools, equipment, materials, and resources needed for students to high-quality functioning prototypes. If needed, Venture Factory leadership is available to provide training on the use of any equipment and tools. Adapted from

College/dept: College of Engineering
Location: 270 CTB