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Greg Williams, December 9, 2014

Though she is an advertising major and art minor at BYU, Belinda has poured a lot of her energy into a group project developing a new alternate reality game. The game is called Dust and is being designed to encourage women and minorities to get more involved with science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Belinda really enjoyed the collaboration experience and learning from students across the campus that she wouldn’t have met otherwise.

What has been the most important lesson for Belinda as she has worked on this project? She said, “The biggest thing I’ve learned from working on this project and being in the class is that I’m more creative than I think I am and that I produce better quality work than I think I do…Being on this project has been a huge confidence boost for me because it made me realize that other people find my contributions valuable.” Learn more about Belinda’s experience with this video.