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Giovanni Tata

Dr. Tata is the Director of the Creative Works office at BYU. In this position he is responsible for the commercialization of all intellectual property related to content and copyright developed by the university faculty. He works directly with faculty and staff to help them develop creative works so as to properly prepare them for commercial use. He identifies creative works that are appropriate for marketing and distribution and actively market and distribute them. He develops relationships with industry and negotiates contracts and other agreements with private enterprises. He maintains a portfolio of 350 products developed at the university with 176 licensing agreements in force. These licensing agreements are distributed among 85 active licensees. He also manages several websites for those products that cannot be licensed.

Dr. Tata is also member of the BYU Expedition to Egypt. His specialty is textile analysis. Dr. Tata has analyzed several collections at the Cairo Museum in Egypt. He is currently also working on one of the most complete collections of textiles from the New Kingdom found in the intact tomb of the architect Kha in Thebes and dating from 1450-1379 B.C. housed in the Egyptian Museum in Turin. He also analyzed funerary weaving models and implements housed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and the Petrie Museum in London. Prior to joining BYU Dr. Tata was founder and president of two software companies.